My Experience Online pharmacies to rule the ecommerce

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The online pharmacy market is one of the largest and most profitable fields in affiliate marketing. It offers affiliates the opportunity to earn substantial commissions on both initial sales, and sales that are made by returning clients. Because of the nature of the pharmacy industry, a large portion of customers that purchase medication online will return to the same site to make future purchases. This provides affiliates with the potential for ongoing revenue streams that can add up to hundred of dollars, for every customer they bring in.

Many programs also allow affiliates a large degree of flexibility when setting there prices. The pharmacy sector is one of the few areas of online marketing where affiliates have the ability to set prices on their sites in order to attract more customers and bring in sales.

Another advantage of the pharmacy niche is that although it is very profitable, and there is a certain level of competition, the market is not over saturated like the adult or forex industries. Because of the large variety of medications that are available and the ongoing demand that exists for many products, it is relatively easy to establish a foothold in this profitable market. In addition to these factors that make it attractive to affiliates, this is one of the few areas of affiliate marketing, where customers actually receive a physical product in the end. While this may seem unimportant, this makes designing a campaign to generate well converting targeted traffic easier.
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I can Quite Believe this i have a few health blogs with market health ads they pay about $25 per cpa but at the moment the ads are not converting very well , i think as more people turn to the net for shopping pharma affiliate cash will sky rocket
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