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Hello everyone!

I'd like to represent my company Staff India Outsourcing in saying hello and a warm welcome to all business related people!

At Staff India, we specialise in outsourcing almost any job type to the Indian sub-continent for employers looking to spend less for full-time, degree-level educated employees to SMEs (small and medium enterprises)

If you are starting up your own business and cannot afford to employ new workers or alternatively want to expand you workforce, we can offer you a 1 week free work trial with any of our dedicated workforce.

We even provide the employee with furnished office and all hardware so you can save money.

Staff India Outsourcing - Full-time Professionals from just £299/mth
Whatever the job, we'll provide you with the employees.
Visit our site now and enquire!
Try our 1 week FREE TRIAL!

For more information please message me!
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