Out of office, or out of time?

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Yellow Belt
Today's e-mail glut is a constant worry for many office workers, with a third saying they get stressed by the volume of messages, according to a report. Time to put on your "out of office"?
The human spirit is indomitable. Give us a piece of technology and we'll subvert it.

It's the summer holiday season - offices are empty and computers left sleeping and even if you try to e-mail someone, all too often you'll get an "out of office" message.

But are they really away? Because out of office has become the latest piece of office trickery.

This is a conversation overheard between two commuters (of course I'm going to say it's commuters, I don't want it any closer to home).

"I thought you were away on holiday? I got an out of office."

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Not open for further replies.