My Experience Outsourcing Mobile App Development


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Tendering the mobile app development project to a professional company is no doubt a wise step. If you want to develop an app by saving time and money, outsourcing app development is the finest option. Trusting the app development to a specialist agency is right for those organizations that don’t have time and money to spend on building an in-house team.

Pros of outsourcing app development

Outsourcing mobile app development will give you a better product in reasonable price. Below are some of the benefits of outsourcing app development.

  1. Outsourcing ensures that the time spent between customer brief and project start is quite critical, especially if you need to market the app fast. The cost of project is fixed and hence you can stay ensured that the customer is in control of the budget. There is only a little risk with development as all the variables related to the project are agreed upfront.

  1. Mobile app development agencies look into emerging technologies and ways to harness them. This makes them more creative and well informed when offering best possible solution for the budget. This gives your customer a competitive advantage.

  1. Mobile app development agencies provide end-to-end service staring from the idea of mobile app till customer support. This allows customers to explore mobile app space in a safe environment.

  1. A professional mobile app development agency will give you a robust contract along with great scope of work. If any mistake or delay occurs while working on the app, you will have a dedicated representative that can help you overcome the challenges.

The decision of app development comes down to cost and risk. Companies that are under intense pressure need to maintain competitive presence in mobile space. It is natural that companies want to keep mobile app development in-house. However, it doesn’t make the best business sense.

Cons of outsourcing app development

The burgeoning mobile app development industry provides great potential for companies to grow their business. App development firms provide end-to-end services in a protected environment till they find a niche that works for them. However, there are a few drawbacks of outsourcing app development.

  1. Even though you are the owner of mobile app, you won’t have complete control over the project. Moreover, you are relying on a third party to create something that could form core of its business operations.

  1. It takes time for even the best app development agencies to get to know the ethos, policies, vision and brand of your organization. Moreover, they offer a limited number of revisions for free.

  1. The scope will result in further changes that are ideally based on hourly rate (agreed before). If the initial client specifications are poorly defines, it will escalate the cost of project. The app development project management process need the use of software, which the customer is not familiar with.