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AMDS Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Seo Company specializes in delivering natural affordable Seo services as our main objective, PPC campaigns playing short-term and supportive role. We offer very competitive prices, ten times less than US and European (mostly UK) companies quote, well organized work, dedicated manager for most of our Seo services plans and effective results guaranteed by AMDS Technologies . We pay extra attention not only to work but also to the on-going training to keep up to the latest search engine optimization technologies and trends. Having dozens of successful projects and satisfied clients, AMDS Technologies will be glad to maximize you sales and bring your business up to the mark.
Many business owners disapprove of off-shore IT services, website promotion services in particular, but their number headily drops. At the time of sharp opponent, that we witness, such a mistake might cost someone business and prosperity. More and more US and Western companies entrust their businesses with off-shore development companies to advance and become the leaders. Asian and Eastern European IT companies are challenging their US and European companies, offering much more affordable prices for IT services, skilled specialists and customary assurance. At the same time outsourcing SEO companies enjoy low overheads costs, tax privileges and inexpensive man power.

Our SEO Pricing Starts From: INR 35000/- for 6 months :

Our Various SEO Services

On-page Optimization

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Title Tag Optimization
  3. Robots.txt Optimization
  4. W3c Validation
  5. Working on HTML Source Code
  6. Editing Content
  7. Image & Hyperlink Optimization

Link Development

  1. Creation of Themed link pages
  2. Manual Link Requests to Related Sites
  3. Submission to Local & International Search Engines & Directories
  4. One-Way Links

Other Activities

  1. Google Sitemap Creation
  2. Yahoo Sitemap Creation
  3. Google base feeds *


  1. Google Analytics (Statistics)
  2. Current Performance
  3. Monthly SEO Report

Customer Support

  1. Email
  2. Chat
  3. Telephone

About SEO services

Taking into account all the facts above, having a search engine friendly website becomes an essential. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-per-Click Advertising) campaigns will secure your website's visibility to targeted visitors. Natural SEO services (called also organic website optimization) will insensibly provide naturally driven traffic, whereas PPC campaign will have an instant effect, but will cease to exist the moment you stop investing into it. PPC is actually paying to the owner of the website, where your link is located every time someone clicks it.

Search engine optimization is a very continuous and costly campaign. You might have you dream site design ready in 3 days, have it devlope in 3 hours, have its functionality improved unbelievably in a month or two, but there is no quick website promotion available at the time. Do not believe the companies that promise to boost your site's visitor's volume over a night. No solid company can assurance that in less than 3 - 5 months period.

There are 3 types of Seo: the so called white hat Seo, grey hat Seo and black hat Seo. Correspondingly they employ allowed, semi-allowed and prohibited methods. You should realize, that the darker you Seo is the more risks your website takes. The severest penalty that you might face - your site being penalized or excluded from Google search results. AMDS Technologies deals only with the white hat affordable website promotion, we believe that no achievements can justify such a high jeopardy.
Seo services involve a great deal of manual work; some of this work might be trivially routine. There is a field for some sharp practice too. Using link farms (non-thematic reciprocal and one-way links), un-analyzed keywords, poorly written Titles and Meta descriptions can significantly reduce Seo specialist time, as well as your website's optimization level. Please check our seo tools section to check you site for Seo imperfections and slips. AMDS Technologies guarantees that you are getting most searchable keywords on you website, competently written Titles and Meta descriptions, manual website submission to the major web directories & engines and manual link exchange campaign or link popularity services done on your site. Experience shows that these simple techniques are the corner stones of successful and effective optimization.

SEO Manager


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