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Hi guys
I must insert in a html site a htaccess file that create a redirect 301 to
the site home page for every page that gives error 404 (Page not found), but
without affecting the single redirect 301 already present in the file
htaccess regarding other subpage moved and renamed in the past.

The purpose of all of this is not losing the google page rank that can be
passed trough every bad written back link .

What do I write in the htaccess file to do this? Do I have to write it
before or after the existing rules?

Usually I have only one or two error 404 for months to redirect: I wouldn't have to have a penalty for duplicate pages, isn't it?

Thank you


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Hi Wilky,
You should use this code in htaccess.
ErrorDocument 404 /
It does not matter where you insert it, but the new line is important.
You won't get any penalty as the server will send the correct server status to the bots.
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