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It's Game Time!

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing this weekend? I hope you are doing pretty well there. Oh well, let's start this week with a big bang! For today, I am going to reveal to you another new product that was currently in brand new launch. This is something new for me and I am gonna consider them as one of my future tools later on in my online business. But this time, they are focused more on Facebook marketing. Right now, I am doing automated Twitter marketing even though I have no results yet, because my goal is to make my niche Twitter accounts to be matured. But I am not going to share more about Twitter though, this is now more on Facebook and I can tell you that this is a mind blowing product. Without further ado, I would like to review about Lee Pennington's Pageflame.

What is Pageflame?

This is a cloud-based software where you can actually create beautiful and spectacular custom Facebook fan pages in a simple drag and drop interface like no other. When I saw the sales page of Pageflame, I was totally blown away with them. Not only that, there is no coding needed in order to create these fan pages once and for all. You can simply drag and drop some apps in order to customize your very own beautiful Facebook fan page like no other. It also has the best and powerful servers too, so that you can execute your Facebook fan pages very well in a fast and secured way.

You will have full account control as well, in which you have the total control of the Facebook fan pages that you are creating as of now. You will also have beautiful ready-made templates that can let you split test on which ones are really working for good. It has around 15 stunning templates you can choose from. One of the most stunning features that this tool has is the viral autoposter and newsfeed leads feature, that let's your fan pages run on autopilot for the latest viral news that was being shared on Facebook. Speaking of leads, it also has an ability to capture emails from people on Facebook who is interested to know more on what you are offering.

For me, I think this is one of the best custom Facebook fan page designing tools that was ever created for good. Lee Pennington once again has done a great job along with his partner, Danny Ade.

Anyway, as you can see the image below, here are the four reasons on why Pageflame skyrockets the traffic results on Facebook like no other:

Here are my own thoughts with Pageflame

Ok I want to be honest with you guys. I have bought a product from Lee before, and it was no other than Vidiodek. I totally respect on what Lee and his team has in store for us, and I was satisfied at first by grabbing their main product plus the monthly package. But sad to say that Vidiodek doesn't meet my overall expectations, because it was all but video slides and limited functions that made me request for a refund. I do respect them though, but it's just that the results aren't good enough for me. Anyways, going back with Pageflame, I am not yet ready to buy from them. I know that the product is at high quality, but I really don't want to have the same results like Vidiodek. They have OTOs I believe, and I think it was going to be their PRO version. For the front end one, it allows you to choose up to three package. But the best selling package is the one that they recommend most, because it allows you for up to 10 Facebook page tabs and 100 leads maximum. I believe on the PRO version of Pageflame, you can get unlimited leads and page tabs (correct me if I'm wrong) because I didn't have the chance to have a closer look at them for good. But I think this product has great potential and it may improve for months to come.

Will you grab this one?

I can say that it is totally up to you on whether to grab this or not. This is why I am seeking reviews from any of you who have already grab Pageflame like no other. I cannot rate this one yet because I am not ready to buy, but later on I will once I have enough funds rolling every month. If you are looking for a perfect tool that can design and automate your Facebook marketing, you should check out Pageflame.