Paris Hilton's website gives you a virus

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Paris Hilton's website gives you a virus

HACKERS have planted a virus on Paris Hilton's website that attempts to steal personal information from her fans.

Security experts at ScanSafe warn that anyone who visits the site risks their computer being infected with malware.

Warning : advises against visiting due to the security risks

On entering the site users see a pop-up window asking them to install software to enhance viewing of the site, The Telegraph of London reports.

Whether they click 'OK' or 'Cancel' the Trojan virus Trojan-Spy.Zbot.YETH begins downloading from another website.

ScanSafe said the malware had been detected 15,000 other websites and that it found a similar virus on the official website of Major League Baseball last week, InformationWeek reports.

"Internet users should be especially cautious of security threats on high traffic and celebrity websites", Mary Landesman, a security researcher from ScanSafe, said

"The big thing with Paris Hilton is the number of visitors that she gets. Sites such as are extremely attractive targets for online criminals because of their popularity.

"While it might seem titillating when a celebrity's site is compromised, the impact it has on site visitors is quite serious."

ScanSafe recommends users hit Ctrl-Alt-Del if faced with the virus to hard quit their browser.

Hilton has previously had both her mobile phone and private Facebook account hacked with both attacks leading to personal photographs being made public.
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