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Penny bid web auctions was in the news today. A gambling expert
Professor Mark Griffiths of Nottingham Trent University believes the Gambling Commission take a closer look at penny bid auctions because he argued that they are more like lotteries than auctions.

Penny bid is different from regular auction because though your bid is only a penny, you actually pay between 40 pence and £1.50 to place a bid.

So what do you think, is penny bid gambling or auction?

Here are some penny bid auction sites:

  • uk . madbid . com
  • Budson UK
  • Zolanta
  • Humraz . com
  • bidboogie


Penny Auctions on

Has anyone been to this website ""? Basically it's a reverse auction site. The bidding starts at $0. Then goes up by either 1 cent or 15 cents depending on the auction and most of these auction end up closing at 80 to 90% off retail. Basically if the clock goes down to 0 and no one else bids you win. If someone else bids it increases the clock by 15 seconds i.e. a new Nintendo Wii was sold for like $22 bucks. But they now have big things like Yanks opening day tix, Honda Insight, and some crazy Michael Jackson dream vacation package (also opening day) and lots of stuff. The one catch is that you need to pay for bids generally around 75 cents a bid. But it's extremely tempting to buy them to bid on things you can never really afford or things you really want but are not going to just go to the store and buy. Before I buy these bids are there any opinions on this matter or website? Anyone.


penny auctions

Well i think the better is penny auction. Unlikely to others it really allows players to win valuable items.
By the way, most of penny auction sites uses bot's , so you realy need to calculate your cash and calculate how many auction earned from the item you bid to.

My suggest is to use ebay, with non-cost bid system.



What I look for are the new sites who look like they did not purchase a Swoopo clone, coz they're the ones with the bots.

These two are looking quite good: and
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