My 2 Cents Personal Computer Or Laptop?


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Laptop since it is very handy and I can carry it wherever I go.
The only difference I think is that, it does vary in their performance.
Desktop computers perform faster than a laptop with the same specifications and that is what I noticed,
although I do not know the reason yet.

niranjan kumar

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As i think , Laptop is better idea in field of blogger and IT professional Because
1) comfortable to carry anywhere,
2) Laptop has a WiFi. It mean you can easily connect in WiFi zone which play important role with lifestyle of IT professionals,
3) Multitasking
4) Energy Saver
5) Privacy
I suggest you if u buy a laptop always consider these topics which is normal things but its important
1) comfortable in size,
2) CPU (i5 or i7 processors),
3) RAM(4/8 GB)
4) Hard Drive(1 TB Minimum),
5) USB Ports (3.0 speeds)
6) Get the right OS
7) Most Important battery life.

steve taylor

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Personal computer is good for office only and It is fixed on your table.
But laptop is not fixed on your table you work with laptop any Where like On your bed garden parks classroom and many more.
Laptop is provide flexibility in doing your work.
I suggest to you buy a laptop with Windows operating system Due to many People use it I also use a Windows OS laptop.