My 2 Cents Php Developers Should Know


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I will site a list here about what every PHP Developers should know.

  • Comments should not be taken for granted. Insert comments and explain the purpose of the code, the next developer should find this very helpful
  • Recycle functions. Check first in the PHP website if by any chance the function you want is already existing, this will save you the time and let the job done.
  • Study the best practices in coding or the standard way of coding in PHP. So the next developer will not get a headache in tracing or debugging your work
  • As the saying goes, "There's more than one way to skin a cat.", this is also true in programming there are more than one way to create a solution but, there is always the best solution.
Hope this helps, by the way I'll be happy guys if you can add your ideas regarding the topic.

steve taylor

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Nice, It is the general rule which should be followed by every programmer.Each and every programming language allow to write description of the code which is also known as comment.Code must be written in the standard way so any body, I mean any programmer can read and understand the purpose of that code.