Help Me/Question Php Is Best For Making Website

suzzi winget

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how to make website by php or by Java, css etc
which coding is easy?? and which programming language make my website look more attractive?


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how to make website by php or by Java, css etc
which coding is easy?? and which programming language make my website look more attractive?
PHP and CSS are considered as the basics of website development. All these are easy to learn and easy to sue for creating a site. The great look of a site not only depend on programming language it also depended on a wide variety of factors like design of the site, the size format depends a bit on the context mobile friendly or not? and how your site will look on iPad screens as well.


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Yes I totally agree on this one. Learning PHP language actually takes you to the next level in terms of creating a website. Although HTML is just a basic one, but PHP and CSS are somewhat attractive and more advanced than any others out there. I usually build standalone websites using basic HTML stuff, and I really enjoyed it. But PHP and CSS are much more than just HTML alone. Wordpress sites are using PHP at most when I check some files from time to time (or even edit something there). I truly believe both PHP and CSS are worth learning as long you are willing to take your website building skills into the next level.

Manish Mishra

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Pages in PHP and scripts in Java that supports the pages can do a lot wonder and this is why WordPress has been an emerging trends in SEO and to the professionals.
However, a more attractive website can be made in C#. You can ask @Oldwriter and he can guide you in more smoothing manner.
However, I believe WordPress is all that you need to get started with your website. There are some good paid theme that will broader your eyes, for real.


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Yes PHP is best for making website because it's is so easy and if you are buying a website from another Sources so php is so cheap than other language.
For making a website in PHP you can also use HTML, CSS for for website elements designing and JavaScript for website form validation and make attractive website.

steve taylor

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PHP is the server side scripting language . PHP used for interfacing with database we can say database connectivity. For website development there are need of both languages like client side scripting language and server side scripting language. For client side development we can use HTML CSS languages and you can use PHP for server side coding.


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First of all learn HTML, that could be an easier method to startup in web Design. CSS is too easy, as you need to use certain tools for learning, coding. Once you learned these two go ahead for PHP, but try to join with some other people for better coding.

You need a school for learning all these things because when you get a doubt no one cannot explain to you or have to wait in forums until you get the answer.

niranjan kumar

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If you are fresher in programming language, not any language is easy for you. but as you want to know which programming language is better in your given choice, in my opinion php is best for designing a website, because php have a lot of techniques that help you in developing a normal website to a high level website such as e-commerce website.