PHP Link Bid for Position Software Released

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Administrator are pleased to announce the release of PHP Link Bid Script are pleased to announce the released of PHP Link Bid Script V1.2. The latest released is the culmination of lots of enhancement and modification done at the request of V1.XX users. Some of the features in the new released includes:
* Deep link mod option
* Spam filter which includes banning spammer by domain name or IP address
* Local and web searches
* Meta tags management
* Google Coop search interface
* LBS DB backup
* Enhanced contact form spam filter
* Ability to create sub categories
* Ability to add new site from control panel
* Enhanced template system
* Social bookmarking mod.
* And loads more changes and enhancements.

The latest version was released with three exciting new templates and more planned for released in coming weeks.

The most exciting feature is that LBS is still FREE. You can download it from here


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If you don't mind me asking, why would you want to provide a free script. Do you make anything from this.

I will visit your site and post some questions :?:

Can you provide a domain name and hosting? How much and is there a contract?



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Don't know how to answer your question, I hope you don't mind me responding with a few questions?
i. why does google provide free searches, why don't they charge people for searching?
ii. Why do DMOZ provide free listing, why don't they charge people for listing sites?
iii. Why is this nice forum free, some forum you have to pay to be a member?
and lots of other free services like that that people or company could charge for but its free

On the question of domain name and hosting, you can find a growing list of domain and hosting companies here who host LBS here:

We look forward to seeing you at LBS forum :)
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