My 2 Cents Php Website Creation


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PHP is user friendly language for dynamic website designing and development. We can find lots of php programme online and integrate in our website.

Muhammad Rizwan

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PHP is an advanced and most used scripting language. It is widely used by a lot of web developers in the world. PHP is general purpose and open source scripting language, whose main focus is server-side scripting process. The best benefit is it can be embed into HTML, providing advanced functionality for a web developer.

I am also a website developer and designer. I always prefer creating complex server-side scripting based sites using PHP.


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PHP is the most widely used programming language, which is supported by both Windows and Linux servers, but being native to this latter, it's always better running it on a Linux environment for better performance.

Coding a website on PHP requires knowledge, but practices makes perfect, and you can easily learn it through numerous online tutorials that explain the basics, in addition to "snippets" which are small chunks of PHP code that perform certain routines, but being chunks are easy to integrate into a project, and easy to analyze for the newbie wanting to understand how PHP works.

Best of all, is that you do not even any knowledge to run a PHP website, but simply a server with PHP support and an already coded script/software that you can upload or install with one click from your control panel, when available on it.

steve taylor

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PHP scripting language used for caring the data from webpage to the data server. It is used as the communication medium as wires are used in the real life for electricity transmission. Since PHP deals with the real time data so it named as dynamic webpage scripting language.