Help Me/Question Phpbb Forum, What Do You Do With It?

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I have recently taken over a phpBB forum. Its a fantastic forum software but I have not used it in maybe 10 years or so. I notice that the url are still not SEO friendly in phpBB and many new innovation other forums has implemented over the years seem to still be lacking on phpBB. Anyone out here who still uses phpBB and have tips on how to improve my new forum? I am not too keen on forking out hundreds of pounds for a new vBulletin license.

BTW, my new forum url is [removed] , I welcome improvement suggestions.

Thanks for your tips in advance.


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Do you prefer PHPBB forums or VBulletin forums? I’ve always loved forums because an active forum allows you to interact with a large number of people and get help quicker than commenting on a pos.
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