phplinkbid scrip V1.5.2 is out

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Announcing the released of LBS version 1.5.2. We have improved a number of things and added some new features, here are some of the new and enhanced features:

* We have replaced all the remote URL FOPEN functions with CURL functions.
* We have enhanced the stats for Google, Yahoo, Alexa and MSN.
* The backline url error reported has now been fixed.
* We also corrected the function that verify whether a link partner actually linked back to you.
* NEW!! now you can do a 3 way link exchange, you can request that link partner links to a 3rd party and not your LBS directory.
* We added TAGS for enhanced SEO friendliness and for enhanced search in your local LBS database.
* We have laid the ground work for your Link Bid Script to be compatible with PHP6.
* Now you can get your LBS directory script to auto approve from control panel (no need to edited base files).
* If you have many LBS site, its now easy to know which one a link has just been submitted to.
* Sub directory function enhanced.
* Google map API enhanced
* CAPTCHA has been enhanced.

You can see a demo of the latest LBS at LBS Education Directory

demo of the new tags feature can be seen here


windows and mod_rewrite

I stumbled onto lbs a week ago and was impressed how well the script looked so I uploaded it to my windows 2000 server and installed it. after an hour and the catagories didn't work I thought dummy you need to read instructions. (NO Apache server) LOL Well at 60 years old I don't read instructions anyway. Well to make a long story short here is my Linkbidscript running on windows without (Apatche server) ( Just realized I can't leave a link untill ten post so if you want to look send me a Pm) I have it set for free links and auto. You may try to punch holes in it if you like. It will not be up too long for all I do is play with scripts. I don't have any directories.
Thanks badbo
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