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So, I need a reliable hosting, but not overly expensive.
I'm still a teenager so clothes and life takes priority over web hosting .

Anyways, theres not much to tel ya about PlayboyHost.
I asked some PreSales question, the guy there answered them quickly and with 100% perfect english .

Been using them about 2 weeks now, no downtime and no slow loading time.

The server load is 2.1, but it says 4 cpu's
I'm guessing 2.1 is okay if it 4 cpu's?

Network speed is okay, It doesn't max out my connection like CirtexHosting does.
I'm on thier 12GB of storage/120GB bandwidth plan.
I think they oversell a bit, but as you can tell by my signature, I love overselling!

Don't know what else to say, overall, it's a quality host.



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