My Experience Playing Music While Doing Freelance Work


It's Game Time!

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys have a weekend blast for both work and leisure. I hope that you've enjoyed your weekend, and right now it's back again to work mode. I was having one of my most memorable weekends in the past two days where me, my sister and friends are having an adventure of a lifetime. To cut the long story short, we visited historical structures, hiking to the mountain peak, swimming with the whale sharks, and swimming again in the enchanted falls and so on. It was really worth for me, because it makes me relieved from my online tasks. It makes me feel energized and pumped once again to continue what I have to do in order to be productive once and for all.

Speaking of being productive, one of the reasons is that I am doing something different. It is something that makes me keep going in order to stay on track and become a productive freelancer once and for all. I don't know about you guys, but have you heard about Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog book? For me, that book really helped me increase my own production by simply prioritizing tasks that are big and important to me. But aside from that, one of the things that makes me a productive freelancer is simply no other than listening to music.

But why music?

Of course, music is something that you need to consider while you are working. I don't really know how to explain this on my own, but I think it's something that fuels us in doing the things we want in life. I have seen some people are already starting to play music while working out at a gym, studying lessons at home, relaxing outside and so on. Music can be used in most sorts of life, and it comes with different genres. I have to be honest with you guys that my favorite genre back then was hardcore and metal rock. The era of Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn and so on. After that, I switched to R & B where those types of songs are on the rise. But right now, I am listening to Christian and Gospel songs in which I feel that I'm closer to God every time that I am doing something for myself and for my family. Ok without further ado, I would like to share my experience now about playing music while I'm doing freelance work for good.

The moment when I started playing music.....

When I was still young, I am not really a fan of music once and for all. During that time, I was playing computer games and I was so addicted into it. But at the time that there's one stage of the game that I've played, the background music seem to attract me. I was researching on the internet about the game soundtracks in order to be downloaded and played on my computer. I would not disclose that name of the music, but that music is where it all started when I feel in love in listening to it.

I was in high school back then, until now I still love to play music. When I am doing my own freelance work, I feel bored when no music was heard. I listen into any kinds of music genre from R & B, jazz, Christian and Gospel songs and so many others. The thing is that music keeps me get back on track when I am lost on something. So I would not start my work without playing my music playlist first. This is why I love playing music while I am doing freelance work.

But what about you guys? Have you tried this on your own already? If you haven't tried working with music yet, you should try it. But I would suggest that you should not go on the music that was pretty destructive like the hardcore ones. Instead, you can go for R & B, mellow, jazz, Christian and Gospel songs and so on. For me, Gospel and Christian songs are my first choice, because it makes me feel that God is in my presence when I am working as an online freelancer. I feel that He guides me to do whatever it takes to finish all the tasks that I need. This is my own experience though, but I think you have your own as well. If you have any experience in playing music while you work on your stuff, kindly reply here below. :)


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Some people prefer a quiet environment while working because it makes them feel more focused on what they are doing. The silence allows them to concentrate on their task. For me though, music makes me feel pumped up and alert especially when I work at home. Just do not listen to classical ones as they might make you fall asleep.

Swati Mishra

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My hobby is listening music while i am doing work like cooking food, traveling alone or at free time everyday i am listening music, i am getting tension free.


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There are times that I am in the mood for listening to rock music to wake me up. Not too loud though because it can be a distraction already. I think I will try Gospel songs next time as I am sure it will make me feel good and more motivated.


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I love music and listening music doing any work, I think music is best way for consternation for doing a work.
And i also a Freelancer Worker So i listen musing doing Freelancer work Because music is not doing disturb during Your work .
It's is also Increase your energy or power when doing a work.


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I prefer listening to music while doing my freelancing jobs and even while studying of late. I realized that I am able to focus more then than in a quiet environment. When listening to music, my head does not drift a lot and I can concentrate on what I am doing.
However, we are completely different and there are those who are able to work or study in a quiet environment.

niranjan kumar

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I love to playing music while doing freelance work, but sometime i can't concentrate sometime while my freelance work is complicated or while i am doing easy work. even while i am doing easy freelancer work that too easy for me or i do this type of work because i want some extra money easily, it's not possible to do without listening music.

Doominic anderson

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I also use music as a booster while i work on freelance,music has the capability to make you relax and enjoy your work without any stress.
Music also help me when i feel very tired and need something to refresh me, freelancer work need a free mind for working because maximum freelancer work after their office work or in their free time and that's why music is important to refresh you from the stress you feel after your heavy work

steve taylor

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If you are working in company then you should follow the rules of the company.Most of the company do not allow listening to song during the work. But if you work as freelancer then you can make your own rules and you can do what you want. There are a lot of freedom while doing the job as freelancer.


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Personally, I cannot listen to music while working because:

1. I work at night when all people in our household are sleeping.

2. I cannot concentrate with any type of noise.

Anyway, I guess it's more of preference type of thing. One person might find music enhancing their creative abilities. Another person might find music distracting them from being productive.

Like for instance, my best friend listens to music all the time. When she's bathing, eating or even working or sleeping, she has to have music on.

One time, I slept on their house and she has music on. I cannot sleep so I waited for her to doze off and I turned the iPhone music app off. Lol.


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i dont use music while working as i cant concentrate on my work.
music is good to refresh your mind and body whenever you feel tired but listening it while you are dealing with your work only affect your work and you cant give your 100%.
and i always prefer to give my best.


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Some body have hobby to playing music while doing their work. In the freelancing project there are lot of freedom you can talk on mobile phone , you can take snakes and also you can play music along with doing your work. But its does not happens in regular office based job.

Manish Mishra

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Music makes you drive more passionately and when it comes to work this really drive me crazy. It gives you more hands and legs to finish the similar task. I remember when i was student i used to solve mathematics questions while listening to songs.
Music really can heal you from the all day working pain and headache you carry after the job. It also removes the stress from you and give you soothing soul to sleep at night.


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@cheezcarls your efforts are appreciable for writing this informative post, but I've quite different habit. I always make working environment keep calm and silent in all aspects. Even sometimes I would like to quit from my other logins like email or IMs just to keep full concentration on my working tasks.