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spaggle for Sale on eBay

Description: for sale on eBay. 4 days left.

Moola Invites and Strategy Site

$1 Start - No Reserve!!!!

Comes with:

- Invision Power Boards License & Forum

- Strategy Guide written by Me (

- Unique Content

- domain name

- Help with hosting transfer

This is the most popular community on the internet that has launched many copycats. Currently, Strategy Club memberships are sold for $29 each, previously $49 each. The site has made $490 to date. This site is being brokered for a private individual.

With the correct advertising, you can make a fortune with this website. If you don't know what is, visit The site is still in beta. Go to any search engine and look for "Moola", "Moola Invites" and "Moola Strategy" to see how this market is growing. When it comes out of beta, this market will explode!

The buyer of this website will have access to all my secret Moola Strategies that has people literally begging for access! You can either resell this to other individuals or keep the information for yourself. Sneak peek:

Remember: No Reserve!!

Just to make sure I'm clear on this: you will own full rights to my strategy guide. It is yours to keep, sale, distribute or modify in any way you wish. I will no longer have the privilege to sell or distribute my strategy guide in any way shape or form after this auction. also comes with this sale.

PlayMoola has been featured on:


- ****.com

PlayMoola has been advertised on:


- Google Adsense

- Adbrite

PlayMoola has been talked about on:

- Forums

- Blogs

- Word of Mouth

It has an Alexa rating of 329,237.

Here are some traffic stats (unique visitors):

May 2006 - 4,782

June 2006 - 4,868

July 2006 - 3,797

The more you advertise and promote, the more revenue you will make. When I spent money on advertising, I seen a return of almost 175%. The best part is you don't have to do anything to earn money. The forums take care of that through subscription. After a user pays the upgrade, they are immediately upgraded to the Strategy Club. Everything is automatic.

I will help the buyer migrate to a new server and set up all necessary files to ensure the site functions. for sale on eBay. 4 days left.
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