Please Reivew My Site

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Hi Everyone,

You might have not noticed me much this week.
I have been busy working on my new baby (website).

I dont want to post links to it as I dont want it indexed until I am 100% finished with it.

The new site is:

Let me know what you think. If there are any wholesalers on here send me a PM as I would like to get some more suppliers onboard before the websites launch.


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Looking good , I like the layout and the color scheme. One suggestion : I think you can create some kind of "box" for each product , when I look at the products I feel like something is missing. Also you could work a bit to the footer, yet that is not absolutely necessary.

Anyway , congratulation for the website , good luck with it.


Nice colors and nice linking structure.

Will watch the thread for upcoming things.


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I can not get this site to come up no matter what combination of the url from the first post I try? Is it still active?
Not open for further replies.