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Title :
Webmaster forums, Web Hosting and SEO forum

Webmaster Serve is a webmaster community forum. We discuss topics and issues to do with webmastering such as registering a domains name, web hosting, website promotion, web development, generating money from your website.

Review :
1. colors used
2. layout
3. images used
4. section of forum
5. internal linking structure
6. onpage optimization

Suggestions & critics very much appreciated

Thank you


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The design is classic and nice, like UKWW. But one suggestion. On footer is that "Powered by Vbulletin" that should be moved because it looks ugly there ( as i see on this post also ).


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I am sorry to say, but don't like the applied template. I like the stripped blue background image and the orange looks nice, but altogether it doesn't look so good in my opinion. Maybe my biggest problem is the wrapper image, not enough expressive. I don't want to compare the design to the one which was at UKWW, but that was much closer to my taste as it was a modified default VB skin.

Regarding internal linking structure I suppose we should enable the related threads in the footer.

I don't know if the vertical sequence of the forum blocks was designed consciously, but I think the Web Design and Development section should be a bit higher providing more prominence for that king of discussion.
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