My 2 Cents Ppc Predictions For 2016


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This post takes a little out of everything like Google, Bing and Facebook, so posting it here guys.

The number of ways to reach out to audiences increases every year. Today, we are able to target potential customers with virtually any metric, behavior, or demographic and 2016 is going to make it even easier for advertisers to reach a relevant audience beyond simple keywords.

Advances in PPC marketing like AdWords customer match and Facebooks custom audiences make PPC appear more like email marketing. This is why PPC marketers are going to have to be ready for their ad campaigns in 2016 to feel more like what would be expected from a marketing automation drip campaign.


If you are worried about what the future holds for cost per click then you will be glad to know that they will be more important than ever in 2016. But the complete value of search ads needs to be understood in today's world so that competitive bids can be set. This makes it easier for advertisers to decide the value to be assigned to every type of interaction whether it be offline sales, calls or requests for directions.

Mobile advertising

This is no longer optional. Responsive sites that are built for mobiles are the ones that are doing really well today. Digital marketers need to plan accordingly by shortening ad copies and adding click-to-call ads. You could also consider testing mobile pages and ads separately from desktop ads.

Social media advertisements

Social advertising is quickly becoming the preferred method of advertising for businesses. 2016 is predicted to be the year when Facebook will overtake Google as far as targeted keywords are concerned. The retargeting, dynamic product ads and custom audiences on Facebook attracts advertisers more than AdWords. Facebook is also going to get local search soon. Exposure on this platform is very important and can work well along with search engines.


As far as SMB's are concerned, the Google Merchant Center is going to be improved and will make it easier for users to manage feeds for small products. AdWords is also going to make it easier to turn feeds into shopping ads. As far as tracking is concerned, cross device influence and view based attribution is going to grow substantially. It will not be relegated to the corner and will become a must use tool and an integral part of functionality. Signals that track in-store visits are going to help a lot in measuring the things which can't be seen.

Bing Ads

The future looks bright for Bing Ads. Bing's rapid growth has led to a prediction that Google's share of U.S. searches will fall below 60% in 2016. This is mainly because of the fact that Windows 10 comes with Bing. As a result of this, a lot of advertisers will now view traffic on Bing as a must have. Bing Ads also includes integrated search functionality with a number of other Microsoft products like Cortana, Office and Xbox.

With so many fantastic developments, 2016 is surely going to bring a number of changes to paid searches. It will certainly allow businesses to connect with their target audience at the right time and in a better way.

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