PR gone

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Did you notice that the PR has gone?
I have investigate a little bit and I notice that more and more person say that is the elimination of PageRank as we know it.
Aaron Wall recently write an article, TrustRank & the Company You Keep ( - basically the Googles "Trust Rank" algorithm places a different value on each incoming and outgoing link different then Page Rank. These values could be positive or negative.

So, are we seeing the end of PageRank as we know it? It seems so. It also seems we are all may to have to change out link development strategies somewhat.


It's all speculation right now. There a lot of theories, but the nice thing is it makes people think about world without PR and what to do then.

This will also re-crown quality content as the KING. :)

My web site has a few articles and topics on this as well.

Interesting weekend, eh?
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