PR On My Site Up

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I don't know when it happened exactly, but since last checking one of my sites a couple of months ago when it was PR0, I just looked, and it's now a PR3.

At one time it was actually PR4, then for some strange reason dropped to PR0, now it's up again. All part of the Google mystery I suppose. :)


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Google moves in mysterious ways, I have almost given up completely on PR, the only reason I still keep an interest is because of link exchange, a lot of people seem to still place quite a bit of importance on it.

SERPs is the bread and butter, if I am doing okay for the keywords I desire, I am as happy as larry.


There is another expected PR ranking coming the 23-24. So Check your PR after then and it might be up again.


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Lot of people have been saying lot of thing on Google PR going up and down in the past week, my belief is that Google is doing something underground, may be PR update is in the corner. Whichever be the case, it is going to be clear to us very soon.
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