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SEOBackup - JIM

Hey there

We've been busy building a very special PR (press release) network to help the more discerning users to get some very safe premium backlinks.

* 44 guaranteed links from 22 Press Release Hubs
* PR4 hubs
* PR3 hubs
* The rest on Wordpress & Blogger - so happily spidered by Google

Press Releases are regarded as one of the safest and most effective forms of linkbuilding. Our network contains 'dummy' releases from leading brands so your links get reputation by association.

$30.00 with a 48hr turnaround
(add $20.00 if you need us to write your press release)

Need to know:
* We'll bookmark each publication 200 times to ensure your links get spidered
* We'll rotate the anchor text to give you some variation

Any questions - please PM me!
Not open for further replies.