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One of the best ways to attract on-going traffic is to run a "product review†website.
Now, I know that there exist tonnes of these kinds of websites out there already but how many of them provide reviews via streaming video or even video clips ready for download ?
So far, I have come across none.
If you think a "product review†website generates regular and continuous new traffic day in and day out just simply displaying "text-articles†product reviews on their website written by experts who have experience in providing product reviews then just wait till you launch a product review website yourself where the reviews will not be only in "text-articles†but also in streaming video or video clips available for download.
Now, it won't be very hard to find experts on product reviews.
Just check a few popular old-fashioned "text-article product review†websites and check each of the authors' resource boxes for their website addresses and then visit their websites to contact them.
Drop them a line to compliment their "text-article†and don't forget to ask how many people they know that have bought their "reviewed product†after reading their "articleâ€. I won't be surprised if they reply hundreds or thousands or even millions. Finally, ask them how many people they think will buy their "reviewed product†if they had done the review as a video-clip instead of a text-article.
If the reply is that, the "video-clip review†would have made more sales than what their "text-review†has made then ask them if they can provide the same review, which they provided in their text-article, to you but this time doing the review in front of their web-cam or digital camera to make a video clip. It won't be hard to persuade them to do a video-clip review if you mention that they can mention their website address and their business or brand name at the end of the review which will be viewed and heard by all your website visitors.
Nice way for them to promote their brand to your website visitors.
Also, a nice way for you to attract new curious visitors, to your "video-clip review website†, who are likely to turn into potential buyers.
And, don't forget to provide a link to your order forms for your website visitors to purchase the "video reviewed productsâ€. It is no good you promoting a product with your video reviews just to influence them to make the purchases to other websites.
Right now, have you got your website buried with affiliate links and product images but no-one drops by to your website or bothers to buys anything from your sponsors via your referral links ? Been waiting years after years for a commission cheque from your sponsors but no luck ?
No problem. Include video reviews besides each of these referral links and just watch how click-throughs to your sponsor links grow and how fast your commission cheques in great sums start to flood through your post.
I can't think of a better way to generate continuous new traffic as-well as keep them glued to your website day in day out and make some heavy money from sales.


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I think this idea is very creative and original but two things:
I. Be prepared for a huge bill for bandwidth
ii. Access problems

At present there are still an awful lot of dial up users, they will not be able to view this site, only broadband users will find it accessible but I think is a brilliant idea though.
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