Tutorial Program Maintenance

Pooja Sharma

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Program maintenance includes all those activities which help in correcting or preventing error in software. These includes correcting coding and design errors, updating documentation and test data and upgrading user's support. There are two main reasons for program maintainers-
  1. Existence of bugs.
  2. Program modification
Existence of bug is detected and efforts are made respectively which further make modification in the program to sort the issue and get it fix.
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Prasoon Arora

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After the program is designed, it is essential to make sure that there are no faults or errors that comes as a barrier to the programming. Program maintenance goes with the stage from testing the program to modify or update the changes as required to make sure that there are no further bugs left to results in failure of the designed program..

Swati Mishra

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program maintenance is the stage,this is the very important stage where we do program error free. we correct the coding we say that is the testing level.


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Let we have two product one is mechanical product and one is software product. In the mechanical product like motor bike there are need of periodic maintenance because its parts are bearing out. but the software product not bear out. It become out of date so new version are required.