Tutorial Promote Amazon Links On Autopilot With Wp Tweet Machine Pro


It's Game Time!
Hello to all members of WMS!

I am back again for another wonderful tutorial that may totally blow your own mind away for good. This is something that you have never tried before. I tried it and it worked on my part with no to less issues on my part. This is a tutorial where you are having the eagerness to take action on the step by step method that I have for all of you guys. Even though that I can just keep it as a secret in order not to get too much competition, but I just realized that there's no problem when it comes to competition. Best of all, I think there's no chance that this method is going to saturate anytime soon.

Without further ado, here are the complete step-by-step procedure in promoting Amazon affiliate links on your Twitter account on autopilot with WP Tweet Machine:

Step #1: Buy a domain and web hosting, and install Wordpress on it (skip this step if you already have)

Of course, in order for you to start off with this method, you need to have a small budget of your own. This is not a free method though, as you need to invest small money to start with this experiment. To make this works, I would strongly advice that you should buy a domain and web hosting in any provider. But if you already have them, just skip this step. Install Wordpress on your domain through the Softaculous section of your cPanel. Make sure that your domain is pointing to your web hosting's nameservers. Install it with a beautiful relevant theme and necessary plugins like Platinum SEO Pack, Pretty Link, Contact Form 7, etc.

Step #2: Apply for an Amazon Associates account and search for products and affiliate links (skip this step if you already have)

After you are done with the first step, it is time to go to this next step. Go to Amazon Associates and create a free account there. It may take you a little while for you to get approved. I think there's a faster way for you to get approved with them by simply include your own Wordpress website. After you are approved by the website, it is time for you to search as many products as you can. Grab the affiliate links and store them in your Notepad or Google Docs. These affiliate links will be added into the fifth step.

Step #3: Create a Twitter account with complete details (skip this step if you already have)

While your Amazon Associate account's application is still pending, you should create a Twitter account. Optimize it with your domain's name and make sure you complete all necessary information in your Twitter profile. It is necessary that you should upload a profile and cover photo to make your account look legit and not a suspicious one.

Step #4: Acquire WP Tweet Machine Pro version plugin, and install it on your Wordpress site

After you have completed the third step, you should buy the WP Tweet Machine Pro version. But before you buy this one, make sure that you should buy the front end first which is the basic version. Of course, you can't buy the Pro version directly without buying the Basic one. The difference between the two is that the Pro version has the capability to have unlimited Twitter accounts on one domain and has several add-ons like custom hashtags or so. After you are done buying this plugin, install it immediately on your Wordpress website.

Step #5: Follow the training videos and insert your Amazon affiliate links on the custom section

If you are still new to this plugin, never skip the step-by-step training videos. Going back to the second step, grab the affiliate links and insert them into the custom tab of the plugin itself. You can put as many affiliate links as you can. But for better conversions, I would suggest that you should use Pretty Link Wordpress plugin to cloak all long Amazon affiliate links to make it look professional. To find out more about the custom section part, one way to do that is simply buy the plugin yourself. Before you launch your campaign, make sure you authorize your Twitter account first based on the training videos inside. Finally, activate your WP Tweet Machine campaign and your affiliate links are rotated on complete autopilot!

I hope you have learned something new in terms of promoting Amazon products on complete autopilot. If you have any questions regarding my tutorial, just let me know so that I can make things clear for you.

Wish you the best of luck guys!