My Suggestion Promote Your Site On Facebook

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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, Facebook allows you to create a page to promote your blog or business which is completely free.

  • Your Profile is very important,it is probably the most visited area to you on Facebook so you should have a link to your blog there. Add your blog URL to your basic information section and make it visible to all. Make your profile visible, do not restrict your facebook profile from getting indexed in search engines. You should update the privacy settings and make it open for everyone.
  • Publish RSS Feeds, use RSS feed aggregator applications like Simplaris Blogcast and Blog RSS Feed Reader to publish your blog feed in your facebook profile. Customize it according to your needs and integrate it with your profile page.So each time you publish a post on your blog, a summary of the post along with a link will appear on your Facebook page
  • Make a Facebook Page, facebook pages are great to promote your online business.
    With page application you can create a dedicated page for your blog and fill it with lots of added sections. People can become a fan of your page, and start to join in conversations. People can subscribe and become fan of your facebook page, and can take part in polls, discussions, forum posting, photo uploading and tagging and much more.
All in all create a strong network of friends, keep your profile updated and interact with communities.



Nice post

One more thing you can add your subject poll and discussion in your face book profile/fan page.

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Good post friend, you have mentioned very informative points, I will keep in mind and will use while to promote my site in facebook!
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