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It's Game Time!

Hello everyone!

Guess what, I have just bumped in to another CPM ad network that is really promising and legitimate. They have been around for years, and paying their publishers very well. Although that Google Adsense is still undoubtedly the number one ad network of all time, but it doesn't mean that this ad network can't stand out from the rest. I'm talking about Propeller Ads Media guys!

What about Propeller Ads Media?

They have been running very well since 2011, and they are getting stronger until now. I have seen that they are holding yearly events from time to time, and I think this year it will be on Los Angeles, California. They are not just holding small or regular events though, but they are doing something great. Their events seem to be awesome, even the latest one. They are one of the legitimate CPM ad networks up to date, and I think they're one of the top 10 I believe. They are one of of those CPM networks who are paying high CPM rates to their publishers. This is what I am hooked up to, and I am so interested to join this platform.

But before I am about to signup with Propeller Ads Media, I took my time to research more about them. Even though I am a bit excited, I am still kind of a skeptic type guy. But when I found out more about them, I realized how legitimate they are in terms of paying users. There are some publishers out there I see on the internet who are getting paid by this network that has been around for years. In that case, I was eager to join them. Good thing about them is that when you join, you only need a website and an explanation of the traffic sources that you are going to generate. Make sure that you won't be generating traffic coming from traffic exchanges, because they are nothing but a piece of junk for good.

Ok I would now tell my whole experience with Propeller Ads Media, so that you guys may have an idea on what I have been playing on with them. Are you ready to know more about my experience with this one of a kind ad network? Ok here we go!

My own experience with Propeller Ads Media

I would like to tell you a bit about my own experience with Propeller Ads Media network. I like their user interface, and it was pretty easy for me to get approved by them. As long I have a website and tell more about my own traffic strategy, they would instantly approve me one and for all. The whole interface is newbie friendly, and it is easy for me to setup these ads fast. But before that, they asked me for a verification by placing their meta tag to my website. So in short, I was officially approved and about to choose the banners that I want to be placed on my niche blogs.

Based on what I have experienced especially for beginners, OnClick Popup ads are the best way to go. If you wanna know how it works, let me show it to you now. Basically, when you visit a website like mine for example, there are no ads that you can see around. However, when you click your mouse anywhere on the website one time, a pop-up ad will appear before you. That's how powerful this was. They also have traditional banner ads for web browsing. But not only that, they have interstitial ads and push up/dialog ads for mobile-based traffic as well. There are only three steps you can do to create and generate ad script. First, you choose an ad type. Second, enter any name you want. Finally, grab the script code and put it in an appropriate space within your website or blog for good. I am now using OnClick Popup ads and I think it's growing a bit slowly now.

Should you try Propeller Ads?

I bet you would. I can't say that I have earned much here yet, because I am still starting and was on trial and error mode. But I know that I may have a brighter future with them once and for all. If someone had earned very well with them, I knew I can do it too. I have read others' blogs and they are earning very well with Propeller Ads Media. They inspired me to do this on my own, even my friend is joining the bandwagon to make money with this ad network too.​


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Propeller was pretty bad for me. I dunno why, but they were. Oh, I remember, I didn't like the amount of times the ad popped up! I didn't want to annoy my users.