My 2 Cents Pros And Cons Of One Click Installs

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I've seen a few sites popping up where hosting providers offer one click installs for wordpress, joomla etc. But is this really a good thing?

My view on it is this - if there is a new person comes in wanting a website and needs to do certain things but does not know how to install wordpress for example, its great.
My problem with it is that for more experienced users, the restrictions of the one click install means the initial config can't always be fine tuned.

Best for easy use or newcomers. More advanced, do it manually.


I prefer manual configuration. And the one-click-install is just a service, so if you don't want it you may use the manual installation.


I highly prefer one click installs. They are quick, no files need to be downloaded to your home PC and then uploaded to the server, and you don't need to setup a database. Takes a lot of time out of installing and more time for configuring the script.


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One click installs
- pros
1 click, easy, good for beginners, time saving
- cons
outdated installations


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Depends who you go with and what you use when you refer to outdated installations.

One click install packages worth their salt allow you upgrade once you get it installed anyway.
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