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Surf the net with your PSP thanks to sneaky Wipeout Pure hack

While the news that Korean gamers are getting web browsing out of the box when PSP launches there in May is sure to have many other PSP owners feeling fairly envious, there is in fact no need - Wipeout Pure provides the browser capabilities straight off.

When you go into the online download option in Wipeout Pure's menu, the screen you're presented with is, in fact, a Sony webpage (providing you have a wireless network of course) and, by changing the DNS settings in your PSP, you can configure the browser to point somewhere else.

A member of GameTab has taken it upon himself to provide fellow PSP hackers with a homepage that rather usefully nullifies the need to change the PSP's DNS settings each time you need to view a site.

Basically, the homepage acts as a portal, complete with search and URL boxes so, after configuring your PSP to visit this website, you can surf to other pages from there.

A full guide and images of the process are posted here and, while this looks to be really easy to do, we should also point out that this isn't endorsed in any way by Sony, so if you mess it up and break your PSP (if that's actually possible) you're on your own.
Thats soo schweet I am totally gonna have to get this. Sony is just gettin better and better.
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