Publicity kills mighty Quinn

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THE MAN behind the adoption of open document standards in Massachusetts has quit his job, citing the pressure of the publicity in the job.

CIO Peter Quinn found himself Microsoft's public enemy number one when he spearheaded a drive to make the state's information systems use an "OpenDocument" format instead of Vole Office.

Dubious claims were leaked to the local rag the Boston Globe claiming he had taken part in junkets sponsored by the Open Source Community. Although the allegations were dismissed in an investigation, Quinn was understandably miffed.

In an email to the IT department Quinn said that he did not want to undermine the initiative with his personal controversies. He said that it was clear that the move to Open Source technology had been associated with him and now even the smallest initiatives are being mitigated or stopped by some of the most unlikely and often uninformed parties.

He said that the last thing he could let happen is to let his presence be the major contributing factor marginalizing the good work of ITD and the entire IT community.

Massachusetts' Gov. Mitt Romney told the Associated Press yesterday that Quinn's resignation would not affect plans to have the state's executive offices store records in a new open document format by January 2007.

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