Qualifications of a good Directory

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Many of the directories have long process to submissions, captcha not working quite well, or loading slowly which actually waste a lot of time.
What are the qualifications of a good directory, there are many of them out there especially the free ones. How will i know which is good or not.



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This's a stupid way that I've done. :p
- Google Page Rank
- Alexa Rank
- Listed sited.. if there are lot of sites with high pr listed in that directory.. and some of them are your competitors..
- try to googling the webdirectory, if a lot of people discuss it.. and make a good review then maybe it's good enough to submit your site.. :p

once again.. it's only my stupid opinion. ;D


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- directory position on SERPs
- directory PR
- directory loading fast and having lots of indexed pages
- directory having no crappy sites in it


I think if you pay so many attantion on that instead of submitting - you would waste lots of time. ;)


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yeah, you are right. It would take alot of time thinking which directory is good. It's better that you don't think about that and submit.

btw My opinion is to look at the google page rank and number of submissions in the directory.
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