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Can anyone suggest me a few tips to write quality content blogs? Any tools for content writing?


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Be passionate and have the experience in the field then understand every corner of your target audiences for you to create effective quality content.

sophia jan

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Content Writing Tools That Make Writing Easier
Content Goal #1: Write readable language that commands attention.
People typically don’t read whole web articles – the average page visit is over in under a minute. Write content that is easy-to-read and gives the reader the information they’re after while engaging them for as long as possible.
A tool that will help: Hemingwayapp
This is a free site where you can paste the content you write and it will highlight complicated sentences, confusing words, passive phrasing, and more with color-coded marks for quick and easy edits.
Content Goal #2: Come up with great content ideas and eye-catching titles to match, while using keywords naturally.
Planning out your content topic and title is one of the most important – and difficult – tasks in content writing. These important aspects need to capture a reader’s attention while communicating to search engines the topic for indexing.
A tool that will help: Blog Topic Generator
Simply paste in the keyword/s that you want to focus on and this tool will spit out topics and titles. You can use this to plan for a series of blog posts or to come up with a great title without wasting too much time brainstorming.
Bonus: The Top 10 Tools & Resources for Finding Blog Content Ideas
Content Goal #3: Create original content.
If you haven’t figured it out yet, copying other people’s content is bad. People know that duplicating content is cheating, and so do search engines. If your site contains content that can be found elsewhere on the internet, search engines will penalize the site by making it difficult to find, or remove it entirely, from search results. Take the time to be original.
A tool that will help: Siteliner
With this tool, you can scan your content to quickly check for duplicate content. If you want to be extra careful, you can even use it to find single sentences or phrasing to make sure you haven’t, unfortunately, duplicated someone else’s content even slightly (unintentionally, of course)!
Bonus: Top Duplicate Content Checkers for Website Content
Content Goal #4: Illustrate content points to break up text walls.
Creating and placing images is not technically part of actual content writing, but it IS a great tip for presenting your content in an attractive manner. Remember that people scan web content, and they’ll find a wall of text intimidating.
A tool that will help: Canva
Enough praise cannot be given to Canva, for it is truly a magnificent image creation tool. You can select your image type from many different options (banners, photos, social media, and more) or choose a custom size. With hundreds of free templates, backgrounds, images, icons, etc. and thousands more for $1 each, you will never run out of inspiration and the ability to create professional quality images.
Content Goal #5: Write optimized content that converts.
Search engine optimization and conversion optimization are two separate content writing goals, but when the correct balance is struck between them, the result is web content that reads and performs beautifully.
Tools that will help: Web Content Checklist and Writing For Conversion
These tools are actually articles, but the guidance they provide is invaluable. Give them a good, hard read and you’ll have the tips needed for content writing that is optimized for conversion and search.
Content Goal #6: Choose and insert the best keywords.
Keywords are the most important feature in content writing. Without the proper, relevant keywords, search engines don’t know how to categorize your website for SEO. If your website isn’t indexed properly by search engines, it’s going to be far more difficult to be found amongst the millions of other sites on the internet. Make sure you choose keywords that fit your topic (and topics that fit your keywords) for better keyword inclusion.
A tool that will help: Keyword Planner
This is pretty much the official keyword research tool, as it is Google’s own. It fulfills the whole gamut of keyword research needs, whether you’re designing content for your website or writing copy for a social media campaign. You can enter your topic, industry, website, and more to have a selection of keywords organized by subject, popularity, level of competition, etc. This tool should be your first stop when picking the perfect keywords for your content writing.

Mangat Singh Dhiman

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You can search the content from other sites to get the ideas don't copy to it and then add your newly ideas into it. Blog content should be relevant and it shuld not be duplicate.

sai saanvi

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5 ways are there to write content easily and fast:

Always keep a stack of good ideas up your sleeve
Blog in batches
Know your chronobiology
Write Ahead
Keep it simple


Shrija Shetty

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The content for the blogs or website articles must be quality content.
Content should be Unique.
As the blog written on some topic, use relevant content so that it should help visitors.


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-Relatable content.
-Understand the user's need and solve their problem.
-Content that stands out from existing content on internet.
-Optimize your content.
-Be user oriented not SE oriented-Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings.
-It should be worth sharing and provides value.
-Keep it updated.