My 2 Cents Quality Of Products Should Be Treated With More Care Then To The Numbers Of Products To Be Launched

Pooja Sharma

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It is true, that if you have good quality products, your business will gain more even when comparing to the business those deliver huge number of products. There is no sense in delivering bulk products with less or no quality as they may be purchased once but the next time, their position will be lost. And in compared to quality products, it may be due to high price they are preferred less but in future they have secured market position resulting in long term revenue generation.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
Bulk delivery may results in profit for one time and for the initial term,and results to failure if no quality parameter is performed.On the other hand, quality products with parameters defined for customer satisfaction always add revenue to the business , less may be with initial term but more and more with its establishment and set its own market requirement statistics.

steve taylor

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Every people want to buy a quality product.
If you have a business then you only focused in quality.
If you lunched number of product in a month and its quality is poor then your product first time sell but next time not any one interested on your product.
So good business man care quality product no lunching poor quality product every day.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
If you sell low quality products, people are going to write bad things when they review your products. When people see the bad reviews they will think that your product is not good and not want to buy from you. This is why you should create a quality products then everyone will recommend you and you will get more business.