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Doominic anderson

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I have created a website and i have some keywords which i want to add in the pages of my website.

But i don't understand how many times i should use these keywords in my website.
Is it effective to add keywords many times or should be add only once?

Manish Mishra

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If it comes naturally let it be as many times as it should be. You cannot bound to write with a specific number of keywords.
During the long discussion about the keyword stuffing on another thread. Your article is quality and optimized indeed as long as it is written for humans.


It's Game Time!
Let me ask you a question first @Doominic anderson. Have you researched the entire forum first before you ask that question about keyword stuffing? Second, have you researched Google on what you are really looking for about keyword stuffing? Or are you just a lazy guy who don't take time to search but simply create this basic question thread? No hard feelings man, sorry to be harsh and I understand your point, but the thing is that next time you should research first before creating a thread. Your keyword density must be not more than 3% and should be mentioned only few times in the content.


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keyword helps you to get more crowd. you can use keywords as much as you want to use.But better to use it in a way so that no one feel bored or disinterested.Your content should be good enough to get more visitors and to keep them as your permanent visitor.


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Many SEO experts are say that the keyword density of a page is between 1 to 3 Percentage, But it is only depend their content means how many word in your content.
You also find out your keyword density by this formula:-
keword density.png

Nkr = How many time repeated a specific keyword.
Tkn = Total word in article
And you can also find out your a specific keyword density.

Keyword density of a specific keyword =
formula of keyword density.png

Where Nwp = Numbers of word in your specific Keyword.

Swati Mishra

Content Writer
Keyword stuffing is black hat seo method, if you follow this black hat technique it will get your site penalized. If you use keyword for once or twice it never gives a feeling of keyword stuffing.
The reason to use keyword for once or twice makes the content look natural, written for human and informative.

steve taylor

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Keyword word placement in the article is the purpose of the search engine optimization . So thing should keep in the mind If you put unnecessary keywords in your article then it reduce the quality of the content . But main thing is content for gathering visitors. so you need to put keyword in the article where it is needed.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
You should mention the keyword at least once or twice in the body of the article. If you want to find out how many times you repeat the keyword, you can use the free keyword density checker tool online.

niranjan kumar

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You can add your keyword 15 times in your 500 word article, if your keyword in a single phase. Single phase means your keyword contain only one word. if your keyword contain two phase you can add in your article 7 to 8 times. But if you have multiple keyword such as three keyword, you can add 5 times you each keyword.