Help Me/Question Question Related To Link Building?

Doominic anderson

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We all know the importance of link building in the terms of getting more crowd on our website.
There are few ways by which we can build our website link on other websites.
Which techniques of link building comes under Black hat SEO and which are comes under White hat SEO technique?

Manish Mishra

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Paid linking is black hat seo technique. If the similar niche websites find some of your content or your homepage interested they will linked it to their website, it will be purely white hat seo.

You can use a link building process but that does not make sense unless some real good backlinks is offered to you.


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If you apply any spam method of Search Engine Optimization then it comes under Black hat SEO. It does not matter it is paid or on paid. If you make a link and it is redirect customer for described content then it is legal and its comes under white hat SEO.


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@Doominic anderson please try to first read different threads before postings. This topic had been discussed already in so many threads and you can find your answer easily from them, as point out by @bharath. Its not good to post threads on the same topic repeatedly.

Zirkon Kalti

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Whitehat means getting the backlinks to your site slowly and not try to get too many links at one time. Don't spend money on paid links to get a lot of links at once instead build them in the natural way like writing unique content that provides valuable information.

niranjan kumar

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White hat search engine optimization:- All techniques that are used according to search engine guideline for making backlinks that are known as whit hat seo.
Black hat search engine optimization:- All those techniques that are used against search engine guideline for making backlinks that are known as black hat seo.

Manish Mishra

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The method you chose to build backlinks for your website looks natural will be come under white hat seo. The method you chose to get the backlinks look unnatural come under the black hat seo.
A natural links obtaining from various sources by providing useful content to your website so someone will link back to you. is like hoping naturally like a human being.
A backlink you obtained by cheating like you have injected the backlinks, using hidden links, exchanging between your own sites.


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@sunshine yes you are right but it's not possible to search each and everything and sometimes we are in a hurry to know about the topic that we cant search for all and if somebody ask then i dont think that he/she is intentionally posting about the similar niche just to increase his/her post.
so if you know about the topic then only post.
infact what you have post here may also be count as irrelevant post..
i hope you dont mind.


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Block hat link building: clocking, injecting hidden links, and door way pages
White hat link building: promoting website to the relevant audiences, posting quality and genuine content and honestly doing authentic postings in forums.