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Here's quick checklist to know how well your web analytic has configured!

- Page Tagging means are your web pages tracking properly by the search engines?

- IP Address Exclusion i.e. Have you determined which IP addresses you need to exclude or filter out from the data? For example Single IP address: From - To or Range of IP addresses: From - To

- Page Naming, what name should you give your Web Page? and what page names to avoid! Keep in mind a proper/good page naming is the backbone of your site.

- Content Grouping, Content groups pattern is about grouping content into logically titled sections. Well organized content allows people to scan information easily and get quickly an overview of the content on the page. It can really help make a complex site much easier to understand from a macro perspective.

- Conversion Events, define conversion events as any activity visitors can engage in that is valuable to your organization. Understand which activities on the website constitute a lead.

- Campaign Tracking, how will you add the relevant tracking parameters to your landing page URLs and keep them up to date?

- Internal Search, do you have a internal search options to enable visitors to search your site easily? Are you capturing the keywords that are being typed in and analyzing the results?

I gather above tips from different sources. Hope you like it.


Thanks for sharing. Also, keep in mind to check the types of cookies. For instances like it turns out that if you use first party cookies or third party cookies can have a red and green cookies huge impact on your metrics. Metrics like unique visitors, returning visits etc. It will explain lots of your data differences.
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In addition we can set alerts for certain region or hour traffic surge on a site. Otherwise simply have traffic peak alerts to guide you when to target a specific kind of visitor etc. See if the targeted SEO campaign is generating traffic from targeted place of globe or not etc.


Its a great information you have shared. I have one tips for web tracking. No need to use google analysts for tracking your website traffic. Use Getclicky, it is the latest web tracking and open source tracker.


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Great information. You mention almost all part in the short articles/post. It show that you are really expert in web analytics, CMIIW.


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Great web analytics it has a good checklist of things that we all need to do. I find campaign tracking to be the biggest pain, especially since I find no analytics software can easily track from all sources (twitter, facebook, linkedin, Google, bing, etc.) If you guys know of any, let know! that's what I need!
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