Radio, Auto-Login, Custom Javascripts, etc

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Create a Toolbar for your site and increase your revenues offers to integrate Javascript witht he toolbars and gain better Browser interaction.
Download FREE trial of ToolbarStudio and create your own IE7 and Firefox toolbars in minutes!
In that way, the Toolbar gives a quick and convenient access to the most important parts of your website

Features and Plug-ins of Created Toolbars as follows:

- Your own Logo, unlimited Buttons and Menus
- RSS Reader, Weather On-line, E-mail checker, Login Manager, Autofill etc…)
- Radio Player
- Flash buttons

- Launch Javascript from a button on your toolbar
- Multiple Search engines & links integration
- Save Login information in the toolbar
- Moving separator
- Radio Player (coming soon)
- Keyword Highlighting
- Multilingual Support
- Popup ads killer
- Free Mozilla/Firefox converter
- Auto-Update, .EXE and Web installers and much much more.


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The idea is good and sound but isnt the net filled with too many tool bars already. I have had to fix pc's for people before who have had so many toolbars installed you hardly had any browser window left to see the sites you were visiting. Enough is enough comprender!
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