Reactivity Promotes New Web Service Gear

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March 21, 2005
Reactivity Promotes New Web Services Gear
By Clint Boulton

Reactivity released a new appliance and software, the latest in a flurry of products to improve the performance of Web services for service-oriented architectures (SOA) (define).

The XML machine maker launched SOA Gateway, an appliance that helps enterprises run Web services (define) among data centers to integrate applications. It also released new operating system software with the ability to read Security Assurance Markup Language (SAML) (define) faster.

While getting Web services to talk to each other and perform jobs across disparate machines is a challenge, customers don't want to pay the extra overhead costs for moving XML, which is the main reason Reactivity created the new machines, said company spokeswoman Joelle Gropper Kaufman.

But the machines can't do it alone, so Reactivity whipped up Multi-Way Connect technology, which provides secure, high-speed links to multiple SOA Gateway machines.

Another key barrier is security, Kaufman said. Gateway, which runs more than 250 applications out of the box, employs a blend of identity and access enforcement technologies so that Web services are securely shuttled across servers and other hardware in a network.

Kaufman said this capability was made possible through the Belmont, Calif., company's Federated Identity Reference Architecture, which provides a record of the identities that appear in each transaction.

To ensure rapid, secure XML transfer, a device maker like Reactivity needs a reliable operating system. The new version, XOS 4.2, increases the throughput speed of XML by 50 percent and improves SAML validation for rapid security assurance, Kaufman said.

The OS also boosts XML processing when attachments are included in the payload, and it includes new ebXML (define) and SMTP (define) support.

With the performance boost, XOS 4.2 users can layer identities based on the Reactivity Federated Identity Model, a reference architecture based on the Liberty Alliance trust model that lets businesses preserve trust across Web services transactions.

Reactivity competes with DataPower, Sarvega and Forum Systems in the market for improving the performance, security and integration of XML-based Web services. Cisco Systems is expected to enter this market this year.
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