Tutorial Reasons For Error Establishing Data Connection When Built Your Website Using Wordpress

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
I have already found an alternative of using these secured plugins. For these customization options, features like password protection features would be of great help, available in any of the web hosting control panel option. The password protection acts in securing your website to be viewed by any of the visitors. Some of the pages are designed to display information that we dont want to be viewed by other, so we can password protect the page and can give the access to the one who can manage or require the access.

The other option could be disabling the right click option to view coding using inspect element or Keyboard short cut keys for ctrl+U, so that the coding of the website can not be copied.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
As far as WordPress is concern you cannot protect it by just using some plugins. The simple concept is once the plugins, themes and WordPress is outdated. Script that has been broken by hackers or program that supply malicious data get into your site and affect it badly.
Still, not only update but also approach to a secure hosting, strong username and password and a good .htaccess files can help you improving your WordPress security. And what i mention is just a few example, there are lot more to practice.