My Experience Reasons Why Guest Posting Should Be Preferred

Pooja Sharma

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Guest posting that is considered as writing or posting on website for which you are not listed as a member. Guest posting have many reasons to get the priority as it helps you in getting introduced to new people, sharing their thoughts, experiences, which further maintains your position in search engines with the mechanism of using backlinks. These backlinks, improve your position that your content on your support forum is being searched more easier and quicker.

Lalit Malviya

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Guest posting plays role to maintain the relationships between your readers, members and users , and results in your increased subscribers of your forum. In addition, if guest posting is monitored properly, can directly put effort to your content to get listed in much improved position among search engines, may be on first page or in the first 10 positions of available results.

Manish Mishra

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sometimes, you can exclude the reason of backlinks through the guest posts. It is not necessary to collect all pennies but leave a few for more reward. You can also use a guest post to explain it to the audience of the other website about your website and products. Backlink will help you working better with the SERP's but good guest post can enhance the traffic and some real presence to the internet.

Zirkon Kalti

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Guest blogging can help you to get more traffic to your site especially if the blog is very popular. If your content is good, people will click through your profile to find out more about your website. People who like your post will share it on their social media profile which in turn can increase your followers.

Prasoon Arora

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Guest posting is the platform to learn, to teach , to experience more and more with the increase in numbers of post or members. Each post gives more information, and every member have their own thoughts to express and share their experience. Guest posting in results proved to be the best for all.

steve taylor

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Well,visiting a forum websites itself is learning some things. Let any body visit website and that website not allow to guest posting then there is a chance a person leave the website without any posting. If any website allow to guest posting then they can increase their members.


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When ever we talk about getting good search engine ranking, we talk about backlinks. Backlink building is an important aspect of SEO and it shows to the search engine how many other websites trust your site. There are many ways to build backlinks and earlier we have shared 101 ways to build backlinks, today we will look into the aspect of factor: Which is better for Link building? Guest posting or Article Marketing?

dona harrop

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We always got awesome results by Guest posting. Actually guest posting links consider very important in seo.


Guest posting is a great platform for your site.
1. You can pull traffic into your website.
2. You can bring in new potential mailing list subscribers.
3. You can bring in new potential customers.
4. You can earn links that point back at your site.
5. You can earn implicit links (brand mentions) for your site.
6. You get name recognition as an author in your industry.
7. You build relationships with bloggers you write for repeatedly.
8. You can attract people who might have opportunities for you.
9. You learn to write for audiences other than your own.
10. You can get valuable feedback on your content from outside editors.
11. You can reach entirely new audiences.
12. You can cover topics you wouldn’t normally cover.
13. You can lay the groundwork for expansion into related niches.
14. You can earn more social visibility from other sites.
15. You can network with social media influencers.
16. You build your portfolio with articles on big name sites.
17. You can use well-timed posts to ensure a viral trend.
18. You make your website more valuable if you want to sell it later.
19. You make your personal brand valuable independently of your website.
20. You can earn money writing for some sites.
21. You can get influencers to guest post for your site in return.
22. You can experiment with formats you wouldn’t normally use.
23. You earn more secondary and tertiary shares from guest posts.
24. You can build hype towards an event or product launch.
25. You earn more value in the eyes of the Big G.


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  • Get yourself in front of an established audience. ...
  • Get more followers for your Social Accounts.
  • Connect to (influential) people from your niche. ...
  • Build your Email list. ...
  • Practice writing and get feedback from influencers.
  • Get traction without running a top blog yourself. ...
  • Get Backlinks. ...
  • Final words on guest blogging.