Help Me/Question Regarding Freelancer

Doominic anderson

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I am new on freelancer site and it provides 30 days free trial,i used this trial session and got some projects and my ratings are improved here.
If i doesn't renew it by paying some amount,i have to register again on freelancer and again i will be a new freelancer here.
Suggest me what should i have to do,i will continue with this ID or create new ID.


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First and foremost, are you saying that you're a client right? Or you are just a freelancer looking for a job? Are you saying that you want to continue in using Freelancer after your 30 days have lapsed, right? Sad to say, there's no other way but you need to pay for renewal. If you create a new account, it's like going back from scratch again while you leave your old account with ratings already. I strongly advice that you keep your old account with the ratings and come up with a way to pay for renewal in order to continue using them once and for all. This is just my own two cents @Doominic anderson. Good luck!

niranjan kumar

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As you say you do some project on freelancer and got few good rating. After that you want to go back and create a new freelancer account, It's not a good idea.
Pay freelancer monthly fee and continue with your old account. it's help you in quickly git some new project than new freelancer account. if you can't able to pay your current monthly freelancer fee you can use freelancer downgrade plan. Such as your current Plus member than go downgrade to Basic plan.

steve taylor

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I suggest you continue your account.
in the freelancing site the rating of your account is very important it is provide you job easily and its share your experience that anyone see your profile your rating is defined yourself trial is trial it is not perfect way to create a new account daily how to people know you when you create a new account.


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Yes you have to do it with your old id not create a new id because you say that you have done some project and Freelancer client is give review.
If your review is good by the Freelancer client don't make a new id but your review is bad so you stop this id and create a new id with Freelancer.


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Rating improve the value of your freelancing account so continue with existing account instead of new account. As I noticed that on the freelancer site If you are awarded with project then they can give bid again so you can bid a new project.