Help Me/Question Responsive Website


Create your content and structure

Content is the most important aspect of any site. So let’s design for the content and not let the design dictate the content. In this guide, we identify the content we need first, create a page structure based on this content, and then present the page in a simple linear layout that works well on narrow and wide viewports.
Create the page structure

We have identified we need:
  1. An area that describes at a high-level our product "CS256: Mobile web development" course
  2. A form to collect information from users who are interested in our product
  3. An in depth description and video
  4. Images of the product in action
  5. A data table with information to back the claims up

  • Identify the content you need first.
  • Sketch out Information Architecture (IA) for narrow and wide viewports.
  • Create a skeleton view of the page with content but without styling.