Revenue sharing mod

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I keep thinking about implementing revenue sharing mod in one or more of forums. There are some concerns including ...

1) Doesn't some member keep clicking ads in order for him/her to make money?

1.2) Doesn't this throw me out of AdSense program (which will be catastrophic to me) ?

2) Doesn't some member(s) start posting one liners, or even worse, just a smiley just to raise the number of post count?

What do you all think about revenue sharing scheme?

I would think so! What worries me even more about this aspect, is scripts! Now I know you can implement flood-intervals, but the last thing you need is a script "clicking" every hour 24/7/365!
I personally wouldn't trust risking it - not unless the day comes where there's enough anti-fraud protection there. :eek:
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