My Experience Revenuehits: Is This A Good Cpm Program?


It's Game Time!

Hello everybody!

Before I would take a break for the weekend, I just wanted you to know guys that we need to have some fun in our journey right now. No matter if we have some difficult trials and challenges ahead of time, we just need to embrace it. After all, it's all about trying to become successful on our own. I would like to tell you guys that success cannot be received instantly, but it is a process. But at the end of the day, it is up to you on how you are going to deal with the entire process that you are in right now. Let's just try to enjoy it for now, because if we are at the lowest point of our lives, it is where we unleash our stronger side. Once we go down, we have no other choice but to go up slowly but surely. I hope this message makes you feel better guys.

Now onto the main topic, shall we?

Weeks ago, I have tried another CPM network that could turn things around for my niche blogs. It is simply no other than the Propeller Ads Media CPM network. They have been around for a while, and they're seem to be legit as it seems. But here is my problem with Propeller Ads Media recently. I wasn't satisfied of the results being generated as a publisher. I checked my own stats in my Wordpress blog, and it claims that I had a lot of views and clicks when they click it on my Twitter account.

I averaged around 500 to 800+ views and clicks overall on my Wordpress blog for the total number of posts that I have generated from my own automated Wordpress plugin. I even tried it with my Clickbank hops, and the stats are accurate. But with Propeller Ads Media, I don't really think that they are accurate enough for me. I only got few impressions instead of many of them, and I would expect results like no other. I only got 100+ impressions in a week, and only $0.02 in earnings, in which I am not satisfied with them. So what I did was I removed all of their ads and replaced them with a new CPM network called RevenueHits.

What makes RevenueHits so different than the other ones anyway?

When I first started with RevenueHits, my application to them was approved instantly. As you can see in the members area below (by the way, that's not my stats). For me, their results are accurate and their ads are really attractive is their footer ad which slides from below to above, by just simply placing the script in a Wordpress text widget. Even though that I only earned $0.01 right now, but what I like about them is accuracy. There are many ad styles for you to choose from, and for me it is really attractive unless you know what you are doing in order to earn revenue with RevenueHits.

What I also liked about RevenueHits is that I have received few clicks as well....

Compare to Propeller Ads Media (although I do respect them), I never get clicks from them. Maybe the users are enabling ad blockers in my own opinion, or they just simply don't like the ad that they have seen. But with RevenueHits, it seems that some of them may ignore the ads, but others are willing to click it because of the value that I give to the audience. But there's a downside when it comes to generating results. They are just like Amazon Associates who only lets us see updated results once a day, and not live ones. As for the Propeller Ads Media, I think they are updating results accurately, but not when it comes that their ads are live within my own blog.

Another thing that I really liked about RevenueHits is that it has multiple payment options. You can either be paid by Paypal, Payoneer or Wire Transfer. As for the Propeller Ads Media, they only have Payoneer option. Speaking of Payoneer, that card is already on its way to my doorstep in order for me to verify it on my own.

As of now, I am still trying to figure out how to maximize my traffic and earnings with RevenueHits. If you think that this is a good CPM program and you have results already, maybe you can share it here by replying on this thread. As for me, I have yet to say if it's good or not once I have results and get paid for the traffic and impressions that I delivered.