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2GPT - has just open his doors to registration ... 2GPT is not a Website just for United states, canadien or australian people, it's An incentive website !!! (Everyone is welcome)

Nice site with hundreds of high paying offers. Offers are classified by countries

2GPT currently offers payments through: PayPal and E-gold and Remember Every day is a payday

One more thing, You can get the minimum payout yourself ... No need for referrals. However an advice from an old friend : this site is just fresh, and gives 10 cent for referral you've got to refer people and make more and more !!!!
:: Get paid to sign up, complete offers, take free surveys and refer your friends

:: Low minimum payout !!!

:: Competitive offer payouts

:: DAILY payout! This means you will receive your payout within 24 business hours if you hit the witdraw-button !!

:: Great Referral Program, $ 0.10 by active referral.

:: International members are welcome.

:: Great support. We are Here to stay !!!!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and check it out. You can easily make Extra Dollars and spend only some minutes doing it

2GPT Support Explanation about 2GPT :


We propose to you a new fresh program just made this week, so your chances having bunch of referrals is high

The program is a GPT system (named also PTS) : A get paid to complete offers, or a paid to signup, (this means you make some offers and we pay for that)

The website is :

The forum is :

The major point we are proud to have is we pay every day.(Every Day is A PayDay) By 24H if your offers are approved you get paid .

Also we are an incentive website means every body is welcome (any country can make profit from 2GPT) we don't limit our users to be from some geographical part of the earth; for instance : US, UK or canada !!!

Alot of people don't know what to do once in Simple :

1-Register and confirm your email adress

2-Go to offers page

3-choose your country (if you don't found it, go to international offers section)

4-choose an offer and complete it (for international offer, every offer is well explained on the forum )

5-submit the offer

6-we will then approve it

7-withdraw your money. ($ waiting for you)

To know how much you are willing to get from 2GPT.COM Here is an exemple :

For SPAIN offers : $ 30.45

For UNITED STATES Offers : $ 16.95

For UNITED KINGDOM offers : $ 20.5

For AUSTRALIA offers : $ 10.85

For PORTUGAL offers : $ 16.1

For BELGIUM offers : $ 10.4

For CANADA : $ 4

For International offers : $ 2

Don't forget if you really completed the offers appropriatly and make some referrals we will let you complete offer for GOLD Club

from $ 10 to $ 20 more waiting for you (the only requirements for this are quality)

Don't forget our minimum payout is $ 1 PAYPAL and $ 0.50 E-GOLD

So forget about bux and ptc, you stay there for two months to get 3 bucks what you can do in 20 minutes in 2GPT.COM alone !!!

The more referrals you have the more benefit you get ;)

I think that i explained well, also we are working on the forum to enlarge the communication between us and also the forum is a very good place to learn more about our system.

Hope you will sign up, and be active over the forum

Any Suggestions or help, feel free to contact us :)


2GPT.COM Support,
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