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hi, guys

havent been on here for a long time now, found a link to my username on google.

anyway, i haven't done websites for many years but started again 2-3 months ago and came up with 3 sites

1st- oldskwlfords .com - for a mate the best as of yet
2nd- keithjevans .com - for my neighbour
3rd- oldskwlrally .com - my working progress

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I have a quick look at this one of your site: its a basic site but it conveys all the information the site needs to convey, well done.


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cheers temi,

recently i much rather clean simple looking websites cause you always seem to find what your looking for, rather that a website full of pop-ups and slow downloading speeds due to flash and etc.



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The last site I found to be very slow loading. The nabgiation on the left needs to have some padding to move away from the table itself.

The second site is quite nice although the 3 animated pictures are annoying - be great if they were static or done in a different way.

The first I like. If I changed anything on this site it would be to enhance the top navigation a little more - maybe the background to this.


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oldskwlfords .com

Keep it simple, but I suggest having a more professional header. Keep the logo, as it's very well done. Interesting products , btw . 8/10

keithjevans .com

After I visit the first site.. now I am dissapoined. You have to change in more user-firendly and web 2.0 template for this site. You can find plenty free templates that will fit this site. 5/10

oldskwlrally .com

The layout is very simple, too simple I may say...the niche of the website ask for more pictures (as those used in header), and more attractive template. Also I noticed the website isn't ready (gallery, clandar, etc are missing). 7 / 10
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i passed by your and it would be better if you put a picture of one of your best cars just to entice the visitors logging in...
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