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I run and (also my sig) and would like to know what you think?.

The forum are still new, so i dont get that much traffic yet. but hopes that will come because Googlebots are visiting my site like crazy.


The safeflirt website isn't bad. The only thing that I would recommend is add more stuff to the left and right columns to make them have the same length as the middle section of the website.

The fitnawake website is a different site. It needs a lot of work. The phpBB top menu are all messed up. The links are not properly aligned.
The light blue color that you use for the rows of the different categories is way too light and does not contrast well with the white color used to separate the different rows.
I would make the rows the same color across and use the stronger blue that you have on the right (for topics, Posts and Last Post columns).
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I like safeflirt. Lots of good whitespace.

The one suggestion I would have would be to make the name and tag line a little more prominent. The script is a little hard to read.


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